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What Makes The Best Estate Agency Stand Out Over Others

Real estate is a thriving business. The competition for the market is evident both online and offline. As a result, most real estate agents are adopting creative approaches that will bring in new vendors. Therefore, those that are reputable like Leicester Letting agency have an advantage over the competition. These are the reasons why;

Reasons why some estate agencies are better than others

Property valuation

dsfsdfsdfsdfdgdfgMost vendors take it upon themselves to know the value of their property before approaching a vendor. This means that they approach vendors with a rough figure of how much they can make from the sale. There are some estate agents who over value property so that as to get more business. Unfortunately, your property might end up idle in the market not receiving any viewings or inquiries. When it eventually sells, this might be at a reduced price. In such a case, the vendor will leave disheartened and pass along negative reviews to his or her social networks.

Amount charged on a sale

The normal agent fees meet the normal range everywhere in the world. The price depends entirely on its sale price. The minimum rate charge is there to ensure that the agent meets their business operating costs. Usually, agents decide on vendors by looking at their properties’ value and the fees charged.

Upfront marketing fees

Estate agents carry out offline and online property marketing. Their promotion tries to sell the property to the relevant demographics. This promotion comes at an expense. When vendors are selecting a suitable estate agency, they might decline a firm that offers similar fees but higher marketing costs. The property marketing budget is comprised of: flyers, software tools, and sell signals, local and international newspapers, online advertising. Web pages and flyers.

What is unique about your brand?

Any business, whether product or service oriented that needs to gain a large share of the market should have a unique selling point. It might seem unnecessary, but the impression your business generates in the environment will have an effect on vendors. If you have only one property in the area while your competitor has several, this stacks the odds against you. Name recognition turns out to be one of the biggest selling points in the real estate world.

dgdfgdfgfddfgdfgfdgAre you an up to date company with a website and proper branded equipment. Vendors are attracted to companies that offer modern trends and terminologies. Vendors also look at how hard you are working to get the property sold. Putting out a sign in the yard or is inadequate. Successful agencies have an optimized SEO presence online and carry out their promotions on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.


Vendors are looking for a suitable sale price, competitive fees, and professional agencies. Real estate agencies should guard their reputations and promote themselves in the right places to remain above the competition.